Etheris Sky Bar

spectacular views and fine drinks

Welcome to Etheris, our rooftop terrace that opens up new horizons with its breathtaking views, complemented by delicious drinks. The terrace's name, inspired by the Latin language, means "pure, bright air" and perfectly captures the essence of our rooftop oasis.
Set above the bustling city streets, Etheris offers a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for relaxing after a long day or enjoying a night out with friends. The panoramic views over the city are simply breathtaking, and the warm glow of the city lights creates a truly magical ambience!

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Etheris also offers a stylish and comfortable poolside seating area, ideal for refreshment, relaxation and socialising. It's a generous space where you can stretch out on a sun lounger and enjoy the atmosphere while sipping your favourite drink. Feel like a sauna detox? Enjoy our dry sauna for invigoration and relaxation.